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Problems you can face due to bed time alcohol

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In this modern culture, people have addicted to bedtime alcohol taking. They actually feel that this is cool and also help them to fall asleep easily. But is it completely the truth? Actually no yes due to the alcohol you may feel asleep but it is not good for sleep health. You n=may also became the prey of so many sleep disorders. Here we are not discussing the remedies but you should be aware of the things you may suffer from by walking on this road.

Rapid Eye Movement sleeping disorder

This type of disorder more likely common in the birds and mammals but these days this is also suffered by human beings. This is a situation which comes after 90 minutes of falling asleep. In this, the person seems difficult to come over from a dream and they feel like they are in sleep and living in the same dream. They find problems to differentiate in the dream and reality. This happens due to alcohol because the particles in alcohol promote this disorder.

Alcohol Hangover

The hangover is not considered as sleep disordered but here we are talking about the alcohol side effects. The hangover is a situation where people basically wake up with the headache with a high level. This can basically destroy the daily routine of the person because hangover can destroy so many senses which make the brain slower and also brain may find difficulties in processing and gathering information.

Sleep apnea

This is a problem in which the person may find issues with the muscle and throat. This is a serious issue because this disorder can lead a person towards cancer and nerve blocking issues. This type of disorder is very much affected by the alcohol and this is very much important to avoid bedtime alcohol. Sleep apnea is also a thing which can make your sleep scary because you will feel not sleeping more comfortable than sleeping.       

The above are various issues you may face due to having bedtime drugs and alcohol. You can also avoid this by using a bed with various adjusts. Check all the adjustable bed reviews and find the solution.